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The old feed was feeding itself away so i did stoole the old stolen feed and put another one here, so to say. So feed on the feeders song. On and on ...


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 If you try to eat us, we will eat your flesh and reuse your pages. linkjoucie as we choose.

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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for N.nu Hemsida

These terms are between the users who use our services to create a website (you or users) and TodaysWeb Ltda. which is the company behind the service (we).

By creating a website on N.nu, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy herein.

Prohibited Content:

You may not use our web service to create the following content:

  1. Erotic, pornographic or dealing with sexual services.
  2. Cracking, Hacking or of a similar nature.
  3. Content made to manipulate search engines without any value for real people. Also spam or automatically generated content.
  4. Sale of illegal drugs, legal drugs, or prescription drugs.
  5. Sales of weapons or ammunition.
  6. Content that is asking visitors to give out login credentials to any site or service.
  7. Offensive, libelous or contain threats.
  8. Content that is uncomfortable for any person and which contains personal data. For exempel, full name, photograph the face or the like that can identify a person.
  9. Content that is not child-friendly.
  10. Website using someone else's registered trademark without permission.
  11. Streaming of video that is copyrighted without permission.
  12. Other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights.

This is allowed:

  1. You are allowed to add or sell your own ads and make money in this way.
  2. It is allowed to have an unlimited number of visitors - as long as your site does not violate the terms laid out in this document.
  3. You are allowed to sell your website. The new owner must accept these terms and the email address in the settings must be changed to the new owner.
  4. You are allowed to systematically create websites and sell them to your customers at whatever price you specify. You should, but are not obliged to use the unbranded/white label version of N.nu for this. See also above paragraph.
  5. You are allowed to earn how much money you want with N.nu, as long as you follow the rules.


You alone are legally responsible for the content that you publish on your N.nu website.

You are responsible for declaring and paying taxes.


All content (text, images, files, etc.) that are published on the internet is automatically protected by copyright unless otherwise stated.

This means you are not allowed to copy text and images from elsewhere on the internet and publish it on your own website without permission. We will not actively check this but if anyone complains with proof that they are the creator we will remove the content and possibly shut down the website.

You retain the rights to the material you post on your website. It's you and not us who own the content. This also means that others are not allowed to copy anything you publish on your website.

Reporting abuse

Hundreds of new websites are created every day in N.nu and we have no way to control the contents in advance. We do routine searches in the system to find websites that violate the conditions. If you have found a website on N.nu that violates these terms and conditions please write to [email protected] and we'll get it as soon as possible.


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Hemsida n.nu



  1. We can show a little advertising on your free website if you have not paid the premium. This advertising will not interfere with your website.
  2. We also send newsletters regarding N.nu to users of the service, about once a month. These newsletters may contain advertising. By clicking on a link at the bottom of the newsletter, you can unsubscribe.

Refund Policy

We offer 14 day refund policy. During this period, you can contact support and have your payment refunded. The service you paid for will be disabled.

Privacy Policy

The following personal data is stored in our system:

  • IP number during the creation of the website.
  • IP number with the last login.
  • E-mail to the owner of the website.
  • Encrypted version of the password with a unique salt. (Impossible for us or anyone else to see your password).
  • Data for the optional administration account: name, surname, additional email and company name.
  • Cookies are used for logging in, and for anonymous statistics.

The above personal information is protected and is never given out to third parties. An exception occurs if the data is requested by the police or the courts, in which it is then sent to a verified e-mail of the official person. The user will also be notified.

Deletion of the website and personal data

A user can always delete their website at N.nu and all personal information at this link.

Our right to delete and modify websites

We have the right to delete websites which:

  1. breaches these conditions,
  2. do not verify their e-mail within 30 days,
  3. misses a valid e-mail to the owner and have not logged in in over 6 months,
  4. have not logged in on the website for over a year despite two reminders via e-mail.

We also have the right to modify content on sites that violate these terms. In such cases a message on the website of the owner.

Updates to this document

These terms and conditions and privacy policy was last updated on the October 15, 2012.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions if necessary. For major updates that affect users of the service significantly then it will be announced two weeks in advance before the new conditions and privacy policy comes into force. Users have the opportunity to, for example, delete the website and its data if they do not wish to accept the new terms.

Legal information about our company that owns and manage N.nu

Name: TodaysWeb Ltda.
Website: www.todaysweb.com
Registration number: 00204546
Tax ID: 199628028
Phone: (+46) 855926100
Registered office: Adress Calle La Tapia 0427, Sacaba Cochabamba, Bolivia






Professional Website deleted

Deleted: The web site quintarete.n.nu was deleted on the 25 Feb 2013.

Reason: Terms of service violation: These kind of websites are not allowed here

Was this your website? Please read again the terms of service before you continue use N.nu. The website is not yet completely deleted and for an administratice fee of $40 USD you can get a backup of the content in textfiles. Contact me here and use the same e-mail that you used when you registered this website. This website will be permanently deleted after the 11 Mar 2013.

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Toolstoon Description


Title: quintarete


Server Side Components


Web Server: A web server is a piece of software that runs on a server host machine and serves HTTP requests by listening on port 80. A good web server can serve hundreds of simultaneous requests. Apache, Nginx and Microsoft-IIS are the most popular web servers though other web servers like GWS (Google Web Server), LiteSpeed and Lighttpd are gaining popularity.

Character Set: A character set in the headers of a response to a requeste defines what character set the page of the website uses. UTF-8 is the most popular character set followed by ISO-8859-1.

Server Side Programming Language: A server side programming language provides the necessary abstractions for developing powerful web applications. Languages like PHP, JSP and ASP provide a way to mix software code with HTML which makes is very easy to generate content dynamically.

Operating System: An operating system like Linux or Windows support multi-tasking, process execution and can server hundreds of simultaneous visitors on your site. Linux is a free and open source operating system used by about half of the websites. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu are flavors of Linux. Microsoft's Windows is not a free OS and it has a small market share. CentOS is the most popular flavor of Linux.


 Science and Nuts

Nuts in the Bolts of the Science in the anathomy of its architecture but might also tells why science in itself might be the faculty relying most on belief than all the rest of data or belief collecting systems, since science in itself are born to kill it's gods and just rely upon the proofable structures of itself.

Science Nuts


Toolstoon Social Sharing


Social sharing components make it easy and simple for visitors to share and like pages on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, and Google +1. With buttons presented to the user for social sharing, it makes it very convenient for a visitor to just press the button, login and share a page. There are also social sharing companies like AddThis and ShareThis which allow you to track and analyze your social shares. The analytics provided by AddThis is also capable of tracking clicks on the social shares by which they can deduce which of the shares became "viral".

Toolstoon  does not use social sharing buttons on its site.


Toolstoon  Advertising Components


Publisher advertising solutions like Adsense provide a way to monetize a site's traffic by adding advertisements on the pages. These ads can be pay per click, pay per impression or pay per action. There are different companies that offer some or all of these three models of ads. e.g. Google Adsense is a contextual pay per click ad model in which publishers are paid each time a visitor clicks on an advertisement (though Adsense can also show pay per impression ads but they are rare). BuySellAds is a pay per impression model which pays the publisher based on CPM or cost per 1000 impressions. In BuySellAds, advertisers can choose which publishers can show their ads. Chitika uses a search targetted pay per click model.

Toolstoon  does not use publisher advertising on its site.


Toolstoon Content Management Systems


A CMS or a content management system provides a functionality to organize and publish content with ease and simplicity. Wordpress is a CMS with the highest market share followed by others like Blogger and Joomla. WordPress, Blogger and Joomla are all blogging platforms used by many. VBulletin is a bulletin board CMS which allows you to run a forum on your site.

Toolstoon does not use a content management system or has its own proprietary CMS.


Toolstoon  HTML Components


The HTML tags include Javascript, embedded javascript, stylesheets, meta description, meta keywords, and tables.

Javascript:Javascript is a client side programming language that runs on the browser. It supports several functionalities like listening for events like onMouseOver. It also supports dynamic component insertion and changing. For e.g. you could have a div tag with an id and Javascript can dynamically change the values within the div tag on the client side. There are several Javscript libraries like jQuery which provide advanced functionalities in addition to these.

Stylesheets:Stylesheets provide a way to centralize and seperate the design decisions of a page in a seperate stylesheet file. For e.g. you can change the way anchor tags look like, what the default font is and more using the stylesheets. This makes it easier to modify the design decisions without modifying the complicated HTML files.

Meta Tags:Meta description and meta keywords are useful tags to give search engines an indication on what the page is all about. Most search engines use the meta description tags to generate the snippets of a page that is shown in the search engine. Search engines may also use the meta tags for ranking which is why it is recommended that you provide the tags.

Tables: Tables provide a way to structure content on a page and to show content in a tabular form. Tables are very useful to format your content shown on a page.


Toolstoon  Image File Formats


The most important formats are JPEG, GIF and PNG. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. GIF stands for Graphical Interlaced Filter. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. All the three are compression techniques that reduce the size of the image considerably. There are also other features to keep in mind while choosing an image file format. For e.g. JPG does not support transparency while PNG and GIF support it.

Toolstoon does not use any known image file formats on its site.


Toolstoon Javascript Libraries


A Javascript library like jQuery makes it easier and simpler to use Javascript on your web pages. jQuery has the largest market share followed by MooTools and Prototype. jQuery is a multi-browser library used by released in January of 2006.

These javscript libraries make it easy and simple to navigate a document, manipulate DOM elements, create animations, handle events, and develop AJAX applications. The libraries allow you to create powerful dynamic web pages and web applications.

Toolstoon  does not use a Javascript library or uses its own proprietary library not identifiable.


Toolstoon  DNS Hosting


DNS hosting is a service which provides you with the name servers that resolve a name into an IP address. Most DNS hosting companies also sell web space on their servers. GoDaddy is the market leader followed by Hostgator, Cloudflare and 1and1. Cloudflare is a CDN provider while GoDaddy, Hostgator and 1and1 are web hosting companies.

Toolstoon  does not use an identified DNS Hosting Service Provider or uses its own proprietary DNS Hosting.


Toolstoon  Domain Name Registrar


A registrar is an ICANN accredited website that allows you to register, transfer and manage your domain names. Most registrars also provide a minimal DNS solution for your domain names. GoDaddy is the most popular domain name registrar and is known for its low prices. NetworkSolutions is the oldest domain name registrar and it still enjoys a large market share.

Toolstoon  uses .NU DOMAIN, LTD as its domain name registrar.


Toolstoon Network Address and Location


An IP address is a network address of a domain name. DNS allows a name like google.com to be converted to its IP address. An IP address can be an IPv4 address or an IPv6 address. IPv4 addresses are almost exhausted which is why it is prefered that a domain name be also reachable using an IPv6 address.

Toolstoon is not IPv6 Enabled.


Toolstoon Traffic Analytics Tools


Google Analytics is the most commonly used analytics tool. These tools generally involve adding a small javascript snippet in the content of your pages which monitors the page views. In addition to page views, the tools can also show the bounce rate, unique visitors and several other statistics of your pages. Most of these tools are free for all to use. Google Analytics recently introduced a real time analytics tool which shows the number of visitors currently viewing your pages in real time.

Toolstoon does not use any known traffic analytics tools on its site.


Toolstoon Alexa and PageRank


Alexa Rank: The Alexa rank of a page shows how much traffic the site receives. The lower the Alexa rank, the higher the traffic that the site recives.

Toolstoon has Alexa Rank of 989534.

Page Rank: The Google PageRank of a page shows how authoritative the page is. Higher PageRank means that the site is mentioned on several other pages. The PageRank is a logarithmic scale which means that it becomes more and more difficult to increase the PageRank after a certain value.


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